The right way to ask for feedback
How do you get good feedback without getting upset?

Have you ever asked a friend for some creative feedback, then found yourself getting annoyed with the answer?

Well… you might have been asking the wrong question.

Ask the right quetsion

When you show people your work, don’t ask them what they think about it. This question prompts them to tell you how they think other people will see it, and how they think you should fix it. If you’re like me, that’s exactly the kind of critique that’s likely to get on your nerves. More importantly, if you try to actually follow the advice, there’s a good chance it’ll throw you off completely.

Here’s what you could do instead:

First, try to just show it to them – not asking anything – and study their genuine reactions.

Then, ask them how they feel about it. Ask them to talk about their personal experience, and don’t allow them to tell you what they believe other people are going to feel about it. Keep pointing them to sharing their own personal reactions.

So for example, if they start saying stuff like “I think X is wrong and you should do Y“, interrupt them politely and see if you can get them to say something like “X made me feel this and that – I think if it was more Y, I would have liked it more”.

Try it. You’ll be amazed at how perceptive people can be when they’re not trying to.



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