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Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixel_addict/465394708/sizes/l/
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixel_addict/465394708/sizes/l/

Wet capture (1st pass)

  •  This capture gives us a good taste of how the film is going to FEEL, but the STRUCTURE is not very clear (classic wet capture).

Excited and nervous, Beverly Rogers waits for her interview with Mr. Blake. He’s her hero and this is her dream job. Finally he arrives, accompanied by his assistant. He’s an impressive person. She admires him. They walk together, and he interviews her as they walk. He walks fast – she almost needs to jog to keep up. He’s rude to her (maybe in a chauvinist way?), his questions get more and more personal. She gets confused, then angry, and then he crosses a line and She EXPLODES – gives a big speech expressing her anger and disappointment and humiliation. We’re totally with her, this guy is obviously a windbag and she’s right to let him have it! Then it turns on us – Blake is completely unaffected by the “speech”, he explains his actions and they actually make sense! Beverly is shocked, doesn’t know what to say. She knows she just blew her only chance of getting her dream job. Blake looks at her, no emption showing. Turns to his assistant, mutters “three months trial period. And keep looking, I doubt she’s going to make it”, and marches off. The assistant stays behind for a few last practicalities. He’s very nice to her. She thanks him, and as he leaves, she is left in complete shock and confusion.

 Dry capture (2nd pass)

  • This was built on top of the wet capture above (synergizing right/left thinking through LAYERING).
  • It’s STRUCTURED and easy to glance through. It’s also easy to edit, allowing me to play with different options and ideas.
  • I have CONTRACTED the capture to get more focused on the essence.
  1.  Beverly waiting for the interview.
  2. Confusion turns to frustration as the interview proceeds.
  3. Blake crosses a line.
  4. She explodes with anger, gives a monolog: “I’ve always dreamt of this job, and now I’m so disappointed and angry and humiliated!”
  5. He answers: “I do things my own way, and this is my way of learning what I need to know about you.”
  6. She gets her chance.


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