Note: Most of these cool process examples are from JP’s blog, but some are shown here exclusively.

Color Script

This is a chunk of the color-script for JP’s personal project, Apollo.

A color-script is a kind of premake that captures specifically the story’s progression through colors:

[Tweet “Process of Pros: JP Vine – storyboards, illustrations, designs and more. @jpvine”]

Background progression

JP: “I was playing with going all digital and painting them all in Photoshop which is fast and gives me more graphic results. But I love grungy paint too much. So I start off the paintings in acrylic monochrome, like this: The messier the better. I can play with it all in Photoshop later.

JP’s passes on one of the background of Apollo:

bg_wip_01-600x381 bg_wip_02-600x381 Resize-of-bg_wip_03 Resize-of-bg_wip_04 Resize-of-bg_wip_05


Here is the capture for this frame in JP’s storyboard:


Lines and words

Can it get any rougher than this?

Yes it can. These are some of JP’s fastest and roughest thumbnails. I love how lines and words work together to make these doodles very clear (case in point: last panel, bottom right. BLINK!).



Proof of Concept

A proof-of-concept is a stage that brings a all the elements of a project together on a small scale. This is a great way of previewing the look and feel of the finished piece. It also helps detect unexpected snags in advance.

This is the proof-of-concept shot from Apollo, showing how the animation and backgrounds would play together:

A GIF showing the progression of an early concept for the character:

JP Vine FARMER WIP character design Apollo GIF

Other stuff

This is a really cool example of quick sketching done right: very fast, very raw, very focused on the essentials.

Page2_rough1-600x927 Page2_1_web-600x927
one of my favorites: Exploring a lighthouse.

JP VINE lighthouse-doodles process


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  1. brilliant, love it, where can i get a poster of the light house…. a really big one?

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