Process of Pros: JP Vine

My good friend JP Vine is an awesome storyboard artist, comics artist, illustrator and designer. he had storyboarded on feature films, directed episodes and storyboards on the Aardman’s Emmy awarded ‘Shaun the Sheep’, and initiated and produced several comics books. JP is currently storyboarding at Pixar.

Note: Most of these cool process examples are from JP’s blog, but some are shown here exclusively.

Color Script

This is a chunk of the color-script for JP’s personal project, Apollo.

A color-script is a kind of premake that captures specifically the story’s progression through colors:


Background progression

JP: “I was playing with going all digital and painting them all in Photoshop which is fast and gives me more graphic results. But I love grungy paint too much. So I start off the paintings in acrylic monochrome, like this: The messier the better. I can play with it all in Photoshop later.

JP’s passes on one of the background of Apollo:

bg_wip_01-600x381 bg_wip_02-600x381 Resize-of-bg_wip_03 Resize-of-bg_wip_04 Resize-of-bg_wip_05


Here is the capture for this frame in JP’s storyboard:


Lines and words

Can it get any rougher than this?

Yes it can. These are some of JP’s fastest and roughest thumbnails. I love how lines and words work together to make these doodles very clear (case in point: last panel, bottom right. BLINK!).



Proof of Concept

A proof-of-concept is a stage that brings a all the elements of a project together on a small scale. This is a great way of previewing the look and feel of the finished piece. It also helps detect unexpected snags in advance.

This is the proof-of-concept shot from Apollo, showing how the animation and backgrounds would play together:

A GIF showing the progression of an early concept for the character:

JP Vine FARMER WIP character design Apollo GIF

Other stuff

This is a really cool example of quick sketching done right: very fast, very raw, very focused on the essentials.

Page2_rough1-600x927 Page2_1_web-600x927
one of my favorites: Exploring a lighthouse.

JP VINE lighthouse-doodles process




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  1. rick says:

    brilliant, love it, where can i get a poster of the light house…. a really big one?

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