A. The scene

I chose the famous Inigo Montoya story from The Princess Bride.

B. Wet Capture

Spaniard lets masked man rest (very generous, very nice, we like him for that). Quiet moment, sunset sky. Spaniard asks about 6 fingered man. Masked is not the man. Spaniard tells his story – very quietly, not angry but with love for his dad. Shows the sword, masked man complements it. When Spaniard imagines the moment of revenge, it’s soft and almost romantic . We WANT him to have that moment. Masked man BREAKS the spell, makes Inigo tell about his current life (that sound pretty miserable and aimless). Masked man is practical, initiates the duel.

B. Dry Capture

  • Settling into quiet moment
  • Inigo’s story:
    • my dad was killed by 6 fingered man
    • Showing sword
    • Murder + failed revenge
    • Inigo’s imagined victory
  • After story – Inigo’s current life
  • Masked initiates duel.

C. Wet on top of Dry

  • Settling into quiet moment, romantic setting, sunset sky. Very polite, very likable.
  • Inigo’s story (setting up the villain – presenting how evil and sadistic he is long before we meet him):
    • My dad was killed by 6 fingered man.
    • Shows the sword. It’s beautiful.
    • Villain kills Inigo’s dad, then mocks Inigo by marking him. He’s not only evil, he’s a complete a-hole. 
    • Inigo imagines his moment of triumph almost as an act of love, not violence. 
  • Masked man breaks the spell – brings him back to here now with a practical question. 
  • Inigo tells about his current life (which is pretty miserable and aimless)
  • Masked man releases the “pause” and initiates the duel.

D. The Core of the Essence

“A peaceful scene in which INIGO and MASKED MAN bond over Inigo’s story, and we set up the evilness of the 6-fingered villain.”


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