I took these pictures in the wonderful Glyptotek museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was pretty wonderful (and rare) to see a maquette (sculpting premakes are called maquettes) displayed along with the final work. Sadly I couldn’t find the artist’s name; if you recognize it, please let me know.

The capture is pretty obviously a wet capture – it’s not a dry structure study, but a very natural flowing, emotional depiction of the artist’s vision.

Sculpting premake [maquette]
Sculpting premake [maquette]
One can see quite clearly how the analytic “dry” thinking took over in the sculpting process of the final piece, taking away some of the joy and life captured in the original maquette:

no analysis

In the analysis below, notice how the natural flow of shape gave way to a more structured, “here’s the head, here’s the body”kind of thinking.





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