So girlfriend and I went on a little walk around town today (currently living in Edinburgh for a bit).

We found a park with a little hill that has a really nice outlook on the entire city. I noticed this lady sitting on a bench, serenely looking at the beautiful day slowly morphing into dusk. I took a picture but it just wasn’t it…. the camera just didn’t see what I saw. I wanted to capture this image as I saw it in my subjective mind.

The sketch is very quick, not very beautiful, but I hope it does capture what my camera didn’t see: dark shades, bright sunlight, blue background, and a perfect moment of peace and quiet.

woman drinking coffee on bench in front of city

In case you’re wondering what the camera did see:

what the camera saw


Start inside your mind

I didn’t look at the photo before I did the sketch. I’m pretty sure that was an excellent idea. I think looking at the photo before sketching would have changed the way I remembered it.

In Go*Dream (the course I’m working on now) there’s a bit about why it’s important to NOT start your search in Google, but inside your own mind. I think this works the same way. It’s always better to start with what’s inside your mind.

What do you think?


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  1. Oh by the way…. this sketch was inspired by my good friend John Keane.

    I asked him yesterday about one of his recent blog posts. He told me he was aiming to capture a certain feeling of a certain moment, the way he remembered it was supposed to feel.

    So, monkey see monkey does…. I felt like doing something like that too 🙂

    Thanks John!

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