What My Camera Didn’t See

This sketch is very quick, not very beautiful, but I hope it does capture what my camera didn't see.

So girlfriend and I went on a little walk around town today (currently living in Edinburgh for a bit).

We found a park with a little hill that has a really nice outlook on the entire city. I noticed this lady sitting on a bench, serenely looking at the beautiful day slowly morphing into dusk. I took a picture but it just wasn’t it…. the camera just didn’t see what I saw. I wanted to capture this image as I saw it in my subjective mind.

The sketch is very quick, not very beautiful, but I hope it does capture what my camera didn’t see: dark shades, bright sunlight, blue background, and a perfect moment of peace and quiet.

woman drinking coffee on bench in front of city

In case you’re wondering what the camera did see:

what the camera saw


Start inside your mind

I didn’t look at the photo before I did the sketch. I’m pretty sure that was an excellent idea. I think looking at the photo before sketching would have changed the way I remembered it.

In Go*Dream (the course I’m working on now) there’s a bit about why it’s important to NOT start your search in Google, but inside your own mind. I think this works the same way. It’s always better to start with what’s inside your mind.

What do you think?




One Comment on “What My Camera Didn’t See

  1. Doron Meir says:

    Oh by the way…. this sketch was inspired by my good friend John Keane.

    I asked him yesterday about one of his recent blog posts. He told me he was aiming to capture a certain feeling of a certain moment, the way he remembered it was supposed to feel.

    So, monkey see monkey does…. I felt like doing something like that too 🙂

    Thanks John!

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