Creativity Wise


How to capture your creative ideas

55 Minutes

Learn to focus your ideas, communicate them to clients and team members, work more efficiently and master the basic skill of creativity: CAPTURE.


You'll learn how to apply right and left brain techniques to achieve creative flow, clear structure, control and passion.


Whether you're writing, animating, painting, sculpting or designing apps, this course will help you capture your ideas faster and better than ever before.


What am I going to get?

  • Over 25 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Communicate your ideas
  • Focus your work
  • Work faster without compromising quality
  • Spend time experimenting instead of fixing mistakes
  • Master the fundamental building block of of creativity - the creative atom.


Angelina Baker:
This course was really useful in helping me frame the beginning stages of the creative process. It helped me to see where I'm getting stuck. Thanks for putting it together!
This is great info on capturing the scene and object in a personal way. I tend to be in the right brain mindset, but I sometimes settle in synergy mode to craft the design properly. Great way to start using the capture technique!

In this course:

Capturing Techniques


Combining Logic and Intuition