Creativity Wise


How to come up with great ideas on demand


  • What's the difference between an idea and a concept?
  • How can you Google for ideas, without losing your unique inner voice?
  • What the connection between building a concept and playing Lego?

In GO*DREAM, you'll learn how to control your inner dreamer - and at the same time, set him completely loose.


With a simple and logical 3 steps process, your ideas will get bolder and more unique; you'll learn to recognize and avoid common creative pitfalls; you'll never get stuck for ideas again; and most importantly, you'll enjoy your creative process more. A LOT more.


All this in just one hour. That's right: just 60 minutes, and you'll never have to wait for inspiration again. EVER.


Whether you're writing, animating, painting, sculpting or designing apps, this course will help you come up with great ideas whenever you need them.

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In this course: