Creativity Wise


From raw concept to an exciting vision


Having a great idea is not quite enough.

Starting to create your actual artwork with just a raw idea in mind is a recipe for trouble. What you need is something a lot more exciting than a mere idea: you need a VISION.

Having a detailed, exciting and workable vision of what your final work is going to be like, is absolutely KEY to a successful "MAKE" phase.

In this course you'll learn:

  • 2 complementary methods of developing your raw idea into a full vision.
  • How to keep your vision steady while you work.
  • How to communicate your vision with your clients and/or your team.
  • Counter-intuitive methods of working faster, and making your deadlines without stress.
  • Some of the dangers and pitfalls in developing your vision.

GO EXPLORE is the third in a 5 courses program called GO CREATE - a complete guide to the universal creative process. You can take it as a standalone course, or take the entire program for a fully integrated working method.

Just like with all the GO CREATE courses, I've made an effort to fit everything into a mean lean 60 minutes course. Take the course now, and in just one short hour you'll have the tools to:

  • Create your next project with excitement and confidence, instead of fear and confusion.
  • Balance your FLOW and your STRUCTURE better than ever.
  • Juice up your work with a new level of finesse, texture and details.

At the end of the course, you'll find a few fun exercises. I encourage you to do the exercises. My experience as a teacher shows me clearly, that the ones who make it are always the ones who DO THE EXERCISES.

And now... join the course, and Let's GO EXPLORE!

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In this course: