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From exciting vision to high quality work


  • How do you get high quality, without getting all tangled up with self-criticism and pesky perfectionism?
  • How do you stay on target when the MAKE process takes weeks, or even months?
  • How do you take care of both the trees AND the forest?

Realizing an attractive vision is never an easy task; and the more exciting and rare your mission is, the more treacherous and confusing the path becomes.

In this course you'll learn how to

  • Let your inner critic and your inner artist work effectively together
  • Work faster and with more control with the principle of exponential progress
  • Judge your work more objectively
  • Polish the finest details, without losing focus on the big picture
  • Avoid the dangers and pitfalls of the longest and toughest part of the creative process.

GO MAKE is the 4rd in a 5 courses program called GO CREATE - a complete guide to the universal creative process. You can take GO MAKE as a standalone course, or take the entire program for a fully integrated creative working method.

Like with all GO CREATE courses, I've made an effort to fit everything into a mean and lean 60 minutes course. Take the course now, and in just one short hour you'll have the keys to:

  • Higher quality work AND less frustration - already on your next project!
  • Better planning, better time estimation, and better ways of dealing with short deadlines.
  • Extreme creative confidence and control in your MAKE phase.

One last thing: the course include some extra materials – more examples, interesting links and some fun exercises. I encourage you to do the exercises. My experience as a teacher shows me clearly, that the ones who make it are always the ones who DO THE EXERCISES.

Join the course, fasten your seat-belt, and GO MAKE your best work ever.


Fantastic course, which I'd highly recommend to anyone in the creative industry!Fun, fresh and, most importantly, clear and actionable.It's nice and direct, covers a huge amount of ground in a short space of time, and really builds on the course that came before.

I'm thrilled to be moving on to the next course, but will almost definitely be coming back to this one and watching it again to let it really sink it. That goes for the entire course, for that matter!

The system is so comprehensive and complete it'll probably take a few viewings and "WHOA, DUDE..." moments for you to start adapting your habits.

I think this course actually gave focus to some of my blurred spots about the making process, showing me where I was doing wrong e giving me something to work on and improve. I'm going to use this starting with my hobbies, but my final goal is to improve my workflow and I feel this gonna be a great way. Thank you, Doron.
I've always been hyper-critical and a perfectionist. And yes, I've never really finished anything to my own satisfaction. Nor have I been able to "abandon" my work. Showing is the most difficult, nearly impossible part of the process. These techniques may just work!

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