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How to plan and control your creative projects


Many artists dislike the idea of having to manage their creative work. They feel that real-world issues, like deadlines and efficiency, are somehow the opposite of art and creativity.
That's not necessarily true. Just like some managers kill creativity while others foster it, a good self-management approach will push your creativity forward, rather than inhibit it.
In this course, we'll teach your internal manager - your PRO persona - how to:

  • Break down a creative project to 7 linear chunks.
  • Use Fractal Chunking to conquer truly massive creative projects.
  • Use micro-deadlines to achieve a hyper-focus workflow
  • Use Dynamic Resolution Planning to easily shift between tight and loose planning.
  • Shape your work to match its context, and at the same time - use the context to make your work shine brighter.

GO PRO is the last course in a 5 courses program called GO CREATE - a complete guide to the universal creative process. You can take GO PRO as a standalone course, or take the entire program for a fully integrated creative working method.
Like with all GO CREATE courses, I've made an effort to fit everything into a lean and mean 60 minutes course. In just one short hour, you will have the tools to:

  • Have no more stress - only hyper-focus.
  • Constantly exceed your clients or supervisors expectations, professionally and artistically.
  • Become a natural lead, with the time management tools to lead creative teams in large-scales projects.

One last thing: the course include some extra materials – more examples, interesting links and some fun exercises. I encourage you to do the exercises. My experience as a teacher shows me clearly, that the ones who make it are always the ones who DO THE EXERCISES.
Join the course now, and let's GO PRO!
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