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Trust The Process


Get rid of confusion and creative anxiety, and start working with confidence and focus!


  • Get rid of anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Get more done, faster.
  • Maximize your creative potential!

All this in just 15 minutes - featuring fun drawings, a slightly strange accent, and lots of common sense.

I had many "Yes, I do that!" and "Aha!" moments in a relatively short space of time and found the way you broke up the creative process very helpful.

I often suffer from blocks, and when I've looked at creative people around me I've wondered what it is that keeps them creating and being productive, even when they're feeling depressed or when other things happen to them that would have me on my knees.

From talking to friends about this, I came to the conclusion that it was about their process, but because they're in different fields to me (art and music, whereas I write), I couldn't see a way of borrowing their processes. So, your way of defining it is extremely helpful to me, and I'm grateful for the free video explaining it all. I look forward to defining my own process and seeing where it takes me.
Excellent course, short and straight to the core !
Very cool way of separating the process into personalities... your way of explaining it just makes totally sense! As an illustrator I can totally relate to the fighting of personalities at times.
I loved this course! i am studying industrial design in Colombia and i´m in 3rd semester so this helps a lot. Thank you for making this!

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