Process Keyword: Premake

The premake has many names: model”, maquette, demo recording, animatic, mock-up, synopsis, proof of concept, or even simply “the sketch”.

At the very heart of the creative process is the premake: a quick sketch that captures your vision for the work. Think of the premake as an apparition in a fortune teller’s crystal ball: a small, blurred, distorted prophecy of what your finished work is going to be.

This quick sketch has almost as many names as there are forms of creativity. In architecture it’s called “model” or “maquette”, in music it’s called “demo recording”, in animation it’s called “animatic”, in computer games it’s sometimes referred to as “mock-up”. Writers call their premake “synopsis”. Some artists call it “proof of concept”, and some call it simply “sketch”.

It was hard to choose a term that wouldn’t be already attached to a specific art form, and in the end I decided to invent a word: premake. The name makes a statement: every serious creative work is actually made twice. Once as an initial quick sketch (the ‘pre-make’), and a second time as the finished work (the ‘make’).

A Premake

A Premake

Having a premake allows you to test your vision in context and receive feedback long before you get heavily invested in your work. Once you start working on the ‘make’, the premake serves as a steady lighthouse that keeps your vision from ever blurring, or morphing, or fading away.

Here are some examples of premakes in a variety of art forms:

Children's book premake

Children’s book premake

Ron mueck 'boy' sculpture premake

Ron mueck ‘boy’ sculpture premake

A 'synopsis' is the premake for a story

A ‘synopsis’ is the premake for a story

Premake frame from my short film, 'Wrapped Up'

Premake frame from my short film, ‘Wrapped Up’

Premake for cartoon comics idea

Premake for cartoon comics idea

Premake for the design of 'The Mechanics of Inspiration' site

Premake for the design of ‘The Mechanics of Inspiration’ site

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  1. Shirley says:

    OK – I misunderstood – thought that this was that type of site. Thanks – it looks like you have a real unique site and help lots of people that are more advanced with this stuff. :)

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