Designing a mushroom character for fun.

Writing “Groundhog Day”: did it really take less than a week?

The classic movie “Groundhog Day” is a masterpiece, and the screenwriter’s story of how it was conceived and written is fascinating. What can we learn from it about the creative process?

Please Don’t Call Me Talented

Please Don't Call Me Talented: a guest post by Barak Drori. (Photo: Vince Alongi)

Is “talented” a compliment or an insult? In this guest post, animator and effects artist Barak Drori explains why he doesn’t like being called “talented”.

What My Camera Didn’t See

I felt like capturing this image as it registered in my mind (the camera didn’t see it the same way…)

Process of Pros: JP Vine

JP VINE lighthouse-doodles process

Process examples from my friend JP Vine – an awesome storyboard artist (currently boarding for Pixar), comics artist, illustrator, and much more.