Aaron Blaise Work Process [Animation/Illustration]

Aaron Blaise process analysis 5 passes

Process analysis of a drawing by Aaron Blaise, and how to implement it in different creative fields.

Are you a Roadrunner or a Coyote?

Are you a Roadrunner or a Coyote?

Roadrunner and Coyote remind me of two types of creative professionals. Which one are you? What should you be aware of, and how can you use it to advance your creative career?

Old Danish House: Juicing Up a Capture

Examples of juicing up a capture in 2 mediums: painting and in writing.

The 2 hours rule

The 2 Hours Rule

Have you ever found yourself hopelessly entangled in what should have been a simple project?
Get the 2 hours rule into your system, and you’ll be saving yourself a world of creative pains.

5 ways to re-charge your inspiration

Feeling a bit down on your inspiration? Do you often find yourself staring at a blank page? Has it been a while since you really enjoyed creating anything?
Here are five tried-and-tested tips that will recharge your inspiration almost instantly.