Designing a mushroom character for fun.

Is Your Computer Killing Your Ideas?

wait for ideas post

Everything in the digital world is easily undoable, resize-able, zoom-in-able, copy-paste-able and changeable. But is that really a good thing?

What My Camera Didn’t See

woman drinking coffee on bench in front of city

I felt like capturing this image as it registered in my mind (the camera didn’t see it the same way…)

Process of Pros: JP Vine

JP VINE lighthouse-doodles process

Process examples from my friend JP Vine – an awesome storyboard artist (currently boarding for Pixar), comics artist, illustrator, and much more.

Mammoth on the Bus: How Switching Mediums Helped Me See What I Was Missing

Sketch after writing the description

A vivid example of how switching mediums helps shed new light on your subject and escape your medium-specific habits.