6 Tools To Grasp Your Initial Ideas

Fifty Three Paper + Wacom Bamboo for iPad

A list of great capturing tools, for a variety of mediums and types of projects. Each tool comes with a brief explanation of how it can speed up or enhance your captures. Most of the tools are basically free.

Why We Create Better Under Pressure (And How To Use It)

meme Deadline tomorrow - Deadline Today

A short analysis of what makes us create better under pressure, and a few ideas about how to get that “pressure performance” without actually being under pressure.

Premake vs. Final work analysis [Sculpting]

Analysis of an initial premake (wet) vs. the final sculpture (dry). What got lost in translation?

[Infographic] Brainstorming made simple

The process of brainstorming visually explained.

10 Tips for Writing a Lightning-Speed Draft

Whether you’re writing a book or just a long blog post – you want to write your first draft real FAST. Here are 10 great tips fast draft writing.