Grumpy Old Men: Process of an Animation Exercise

The complete working process on a short animation exercise – sketches and videos included.

Mammoth on the Bus: How Switching Mediums Helped Me See What I Was Missing

A vivid example of how switching mediums helps shed new light on your subject and escape your medium-specific habits.

“As Soon As I’ve Checked My Emails”: Why Artists Procrastinate

Procrastination: I never put it off!

I know you never EVER procrastinate… but IF you did – why would it be, and how would you solve it?

6 Tools To Grasp Your Initial Ideas

Fifty Three Paper + Wacom Bamboo for iPad

A list of great capturing tools, for a variety of mediums and types of projects. Each tool comes with a brief explanation of how it can speed up or enhance your captures. Most of the tools are basically free.

Creative Profession: Academic Studies vs. Self-Learning ?

A comprehensive answer with a surprising conclusion – the cheapest, most flexible and fastest way to learn a creative profession.