The 2 hours rule

The 2 Hours Rule

Have you ever found yourself hopelessly entangled in what should have been a simple project?
Get the 2 hours rule into your system, and you’ll be saving yourself a world of creative pains.

5 ways to re-charge your inspiration

Feeling a bit down on your inspiration? Do you often find yourself staring at a blank page? Has it been a while since you really enjoyed creating anything?
Here are five tried-and-tested tips that will recharge your inspiration almost instantly.

Tip: Don’t Finish Today What You Can Leave For Tomorrow

Fight that Monday morning sluggishness with this neat little pro’s trick.

How to become a great creative procrastinator

my seven golden tips for successful creative procrastination.

Tip: Cracking the Tough Creative Problems

Find out how Google employees solve tough problems using a pool table.