“As Soon As I’ve Checked My Emails”: Why Artists Procrastinate

Procrastination: I never put it off!

I know you never EVER procrastinate… but IF you did – why would it be, and how would you solve it?

Aaron Blaise Work Process [Animation/Illustration]

Aaron Blaise process analysis 5 passes

Process analysis of a drawing by Aaron Blaise, and how to implement it in different creative fields.

Why We Create Better Under Pressure (And How To Use It)

meme Deadline tomorrow - Deadline Today

A short analysis of what makes us create better under pressure, and a few ideas about how to get that “pressure performance” without actually being under pressure.

One Shot, Two Brains [animation]

One animation shot, two kinds of CAPTURE.

Premake vs. Final work analysis [Sculpting]

Analysis of an initial premake (wet) vs. the final sculpture (dry). What got lost in translation?