10 Tips for Writing a Lightning-Speed Draft

Whether you’re writing a book or just a long blog post – you want to write your first draft real FAST. Here are 10 great tips fast draft writing.

Old Danish House: Juicing Up a Capture

Examples of juicing up a capture in 2 mediums: painting and in writing.

Audio post: The Explorer Explained

What’s the role of the Explorer in the creative process, and why should you care? A detailed answer, this time in audio format.

The 2 hours rule

The 2 Hours Rule

Have you ever found yourself hopelessly entangled in what should have been a simple project?
Get the 2 hours rule into your system, and you’ll be saving yourself a world of creative pains.

3.5 reasons to start out FAST

Have you ever spent a lot of time on a piece of creative work, only to realize that you’ve completely lost sight of what you were initially trying to make?