Drive your creativity with CreativityWise!

Suppose your creative process is a car and you’re the driver. What kind of car is it? Do you find it difficult to control? Does it eat up too much energy, yet moves painfully slowly? Does it often break down completely, leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere?

I know how that feels, because years ago, I was having a pretty bumpy ride myself. I was a professional artist but I was regularly unhappy: unhappy with the quality of my work, unhappy with missing deadlines, unhappy with having no good ideas just when I desperately needed one. I was frustrated!

And one day I thought to myself: there HAS to be a better way.

So I spent 7 years studying, experimenting and analyzing creativity. And as I reshaped my creative process, things started improving for me – and FAST. I was getting better results in less time; I got really good at meeting deadlines; I was able to come up with fresh ideas any time I needed to. Best of all, I got rid of the frustration and started really enjoying it all.

And then I had a thought. It was something I think I have always known inside, but at the same time was new to me. I realized that creativity is a skill in and of itself. That it doesn’t matter what kind of art you’re doing – writing, painting, game design, architecture, you name it – the principles of the creative process are always the same. Once you’ve learned how it works, you can create just about ANYTHING.

I’m Doron Meir, and on this site I’m going to share with you the principles of a powerful, dependable creative process that will help you drive your creativity.

This enlightening journey begins with a click of a button. Whenever you’re ready…Let’s get started.